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With a range of services focusing on Training, Coaching /Advisory and Implementation, with a particular specialisation in Technology, OKRAdvisory is your perfect OKR partner.


So you decided to implement an OKR framework, you trained the right people and communicated your goals to the organisation, you implemented the latest piece of OKR software and followed the 90 day roadmap… but it’s just not quite going to plan?  Alternatively you may be finding that your OKR program has been a great success with adoption spreading throughout the organisation, but you don’t have the experienced resource to fully support the rollout.  You’re not alone in these OKR implementation issues, and this is why OKRs are often referred to as “simple to understand, but not simplistic”.  

OKRAdvisory’s Coaching program has been designed to provide you with professional support for your OKR program, giving you the critical pointers that come from training and, more importantly experience, that will help to get your OKR program back on track.

Typical Coaching Stages
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