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Technology Advisory

Technology is an important, but often overlooked, element of any OKRs implementation.  Although not critical to the success of the program it is widely accepted that adopting a purpose built technology platform will dramatically increase the likely uptake and propagation of OKRs throughout the organisation. 

The reasons for this in many ways hark back to the key benefits we outlined, namely that OKRs engender focus, alignment, accountability, stretch and perhaps most importantly of all, transparency.  The right solution will highlight all of these elements through a single interface and thereby help to reinforce and embed the changes that OKRs are intended to deliver.  Add to this further value add functionality such as secure messaging, scheduling, check-in prompts, dashboards and OKR specific reporting and it is easy to see why the demand for OKR solutions has mushroomed over the past few years.


Thankfully here at OKRAdvisory we are well versed in technology enablers, having incorporated them into our standard service offering for many years, whether specifically for OKRs or more broadly for strategy, performance management and excellence engagements.  We can take the stress out of selecting and implementing the right OKR technology partner, and unlike many of our competitors we are not aligned with a particular provider, thereby allowing us to deliver an honest assessment of their functionality.


For a comprehensive round up of currently available solutions such as GTMhub, Weekdone, Koan, Perdoo, Ally, Zokri or Workboard, or to discuss specific technology requirements in greater detail, we provide a Technology Advisory service either as part of our broader OKR services, or standalone.

With a range of services focusing on Training, Coaching /Advisory and Implementation, with a particular specialisation in Variable Cadence Implementation, OKRAdvisory is your perfect OKR partner.

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