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Prioritising a small number of key objectives that will demonstrably move the business forward: what matters most


Ensuring that everyone is pulling in the same direction​ to minimise waste and foster teamwork


Clear ownership of the OKR and underlying activities, both top down and bottom up


A requirement to create challenging OKRs that drive improved performance


The most mature organisations will have full transparency over the organisation's OKRs, and its performance against them

The Benefits of implementing OKRs


Inviting everyone throughout the organisation to contribute to, and share in, its future successes ensures a sense of ownership and belonging

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Why OKRs?

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is a simple yet powerful, collaborative goal-setting protocol for businesses, teams and even individuals. It’s relied upon by organisations around the world, including Google, to drive (among other things) strategic focus, alignment, and engagement. It helps to ensure efforts are focused on the same important issues throughout the organisation. Put simply, OKRs should transform organisations.

Accelerate your business

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