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OKR Training

Has your senior leadership team decided to implement OKRs but is looking for early buy-in from the wider organisation?

Are you convinced OKRs is the right direction for your business to take but need to influence upwards?

Is your organisation looking to implement OKRs but doesn’t have the skills to do so?

Have you implemented OKRs but need more resource trained to an excellent standard?

Are you looking to become certified in OKRs to demonstrate your knowledge and skills?


We can help! We offer different levels of training depending on the needs of your organisation.

  • FREE 30 minute intro into OKRs.

  • Deep dive into how your implementation might look.

  • Employee skills training for companies looking to implement OKRs.

  • Employee skills training for companies that already have an OKR programme in place.

  • Bespoke – a course tailored for your specific training needs.

  • Become an OKR certified specialist

Our training options include:
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