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About us

We’re a specialist consultancy based in the UK dedicated to the delivery of OKR services to a global client base. As a division of East Harbour Associates, which provides strategy and performance improvement services, our OKR practice was created as a response to the growing need for more agile strategy frameworks.


Being part of a larger consultancy practice, we’re able to draw upon the wider capabilities and talent of our colleagues and partners, ensuring we deliver the value our clients expect. We’ve worked with governmental departments, global brands and SMEs and startups in the financial services, retail, legal, and technology sectors.


With our long history of strategy execution and accredi­ted OKR knowledge, skills and expertise, we will help your organisation improve its strategic focus, alignment and employee engagement, and ultimately achieve its goals.

OKRAdvisory is your perfect OKR partner

Leadership Team

Our team of highly skilled, experienced professionals have an extensive background in strategy and performance improvement, enhanced by certified OKR, Scrum and Agile specific training.

Meet our
Jonathan Guillemet
  • Jonathan Guillemet Linkedin profile

Jonathan has extensive experience in agile strategy development and execution, innovation, corporate performance management, business improvement, risk and transformation.

Marcus Jones
  • Marcus Jones Linkedin Profile

Marcus has run a number of successful businesses and currently specialises in strategy, risk and performance management helping businesses to implement best practice and improvements.

Chris Ahne
  • Chris Ahne Linkedin Profile

Chris has enjoyed a career as a passionate leader within financial services and now specialises as a certified Agile leader and coach, helping teams and businesses engage, align and transform.

Discover how we help organisations deliver their ambitious goals.

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