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With a range of services focusing on Training, Coaching /Advisory and Implementation, with a particular specialisation in Technology, OKRAdvisory is your perfect OKR partner.

Strategy Review

We specialise in the agile implementation of strategy through the Objectives and Key Results framework, but we also recognise that not every organisation visiting is at the implementation stage just yet.  Regardless of where you currently are with your strategy, we are here to offer advice and support on this most critical of journeys.

All agile organisations must review their strategic priorities on a regular basis to ensure they are still relevant and fit for purpose in today’s chaotic world.  And these reviews shouldn’t mean simply dusting off last year’s plan and refreshing it for today.  Meaningful strategic reviews typically involve a comprehensive evaluation of an organisation's current state, future goals, and the alignment of its priorities to achieve those goals.​

A typical Strategy Review consists of the following steps:
  • Discovery
    An open dialogue with key stakeholders to understand more about your existing OKR program, and the headwinds that you may currently facing in implementing it successfully
  • Design
    Working with your core OKR delivery team we will design and recommend a remediation program as necessary, be that via training, course correction activities, review, adoption or extension of key OKR roles, executive support and communication or even just improving the quality of the OKRs being created.
  • Support
    Providing ongoing support for the agreed activities and general coaching to ensure that your OKR program delivers what your organisation needs.
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